About Us

About Us

Rose Optical Group has been Kerala’s leading opticians since 1997, providing highest standards in precision eye care through innovative technology. Our unique concept in eye care offers clinical and optical services under one roof. We have emerged as one of the best optical retail group in Kerala. Innovative optical stores, well equipped eye clinic, high quality products and experienced dispensing staffs are our specialties. All prescription lenses are produced in advanced digital optical labs to provide the best quality lenses on par with international standards. Over the past years, Rose Optical Group has developed a stellar reputation for the persistent service it provides. We are grateful for your confidence and patronage bestowed upon us.


Vision is widely considered as the most vital sense in human beings. Yet vision problems continue to have a tangible social and economic impact on billions of people’s lives around the world.

Good vision is essential for our everyday wellbeing and quality of life. See well enables people to fully interact and discover happiness with the world. That’s why we - the Team Rose - are driven by our vital mission of IMPROVING LIVES BY IMPROVING VISION.

We always opt the best for our customers and lead them to A New View of Vision by fulfilling their needs and desires. We deliver Ideas for Eyes to our customers, by providing reliable and modern spectacle products, and in return to have high customer satisfaction.