We utilise lenses manufactured by leading international lens makers. Our standard lenses are high quality lenses that come with UV protection and dust-resistant coating. Our lenses can reduce over 99% of UV rays reaching the eyes. To cater to the individual needs of each customer, we also offer Progressive lenses, Hi-Index lenses, Poly Carbonate lenses as well as Transition lenses. Spectacle Lenses are available in three vision designs and several brands.


  • Lenses materials available are Plastic CR-39, Unbreakable MR-08 or Polycarbonate.
  • Lens designs are Single Vision, Bifocal and Progressive (PAL).
  • Lens enhancements are HI-index Lenses, Aspheric Lenses, Transition Lenses and Polaroid Lenses.
  • Lens protective coatings are Crizal UV, Optifog, Sapphire and other Anti-Reflective Coatings.
  • Lens cooling tints are available in all colours.


Here are some helpful tips for you to choose the right lenses for your glasses to make your decision easier or at least make sure you make the best choice. Everyone has differing needs when it comes to eyeglasses. Be it fashion or functional needs, the choices are many. So before selecting your glasses you need to consider a few factors when making your decision. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding:

Do you have trouble seeing things up close or far away?

Short sightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia) are common eye conditions that can easily be corrected through single vision prescription lenses. If you seem to have trouble seeing objects that are near and far, you likely need progressive lenses.

Do you have difficulty in reading?

If you are over 40, this is a common symptom of presbyopia, which may require progressive lenses.

Do you use electronic gadgets for a long time?

Computer glasses can prevent eye strain and over exposure to blue light. These lenses are perfect if you spend a lot of time in front of digital screens like computers, smart-phones, TV’s etc.

Are you an outdoor applicability person?

UV lenses can be useful in protecting your eyes from over exposure from harmful UV light. In addition, photochromic or adaptive lenses ensure comfortable in vision for both indoors and outdoors.

Do you engage more in sports?

Anti-scratch, anti-smudge, anti-dust, anti-fog or even water-repellent lens coatings on your glasses can help you enjoy your active lifestyle to the fullest.

Do you drive at night?

Anti-glare lenses can prevent accidents by providing crystal clear vision throughout your ride.

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